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A Luxury Bag Can't Buy You Style


Something that I often times think of when I see a lot of the people who carry purses by Coach and Louis Vuitton is that a luxury brand purse can't buy you style. As noted by the sweatshirt, jean and Ugg wearing woman posted above with her Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mom keyring adorned Coach bag. Her two friends were also sporting Coach purses and similar casual attire.

What is the point in having a luxury bag if the rest of your ensemble doesn't express style? If you are just going to schlepp around in frumpy standard issue casual American attire?

It comes down to name recognition and people showing their peers that they can afford to have a luxury brand purse. Whether it is real or fake is a whole other matter.

Why not put some thought, effort and creativity in your ensemble to correlate and play off of your arm candy?!?

This post was originally published on February 4, 2014.