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Becky Ross, Project Runway Season 9 Contestant, Interview Part I


I am excited to share with you Part I of an interview that I recently conducted with my friend Becky Ross, Project Runway Season 9 contestant from Portland.

The photo posted above is one that I took when Becky and I were doing an impromptu photo shoot with some new and vintage hats from my collection.

1) What amount of influence does vintage style have on you and your designs?

I almost always design with a glance back at one era or another.  Research is a huge part of concept development and gives a great reference point for silhouettes and details.

2) What is/are your favorite era(s) of fashion?   

My fave eras in fashion are definitely the 1940’s & 1950’s, that’s when fashion embraced a curvy figure.

3) What things do you like about fashion from that/those era(s)?        

There seem to be a lot of “lost” construction details from the 40’s & 50’s that could be brought back in a fresh way to appeal to today’s customer.  Nostalgia usually makes people happy.

4) Who are some of your favorite style icons from the past?    

I’m really into pin-up girls, they know how to strike a balance between lady & tramp.

5) What are your favorite vintage movies, television programs and music?      

Fave films:  The King of Hearts (costumes & characters!), Mon Oncle (so ironic!), The Science of Sleep (great crafty scenes!), and anything having to do with historic British royalty.

6) What are some of your favorite trends for this coming Fall/Winter season? 

I’m absolutely loving the bright 1960’s color blocking! Mustard with bright lavender, burnt orange with plum, & coral with dusty aqua…What fun!  I am also all about the mixing of prints: florals with graphics with dots…  Why not?!  As long as it works!

7) In the past you mentioned to me that one of your goals was to create clothing that will fit and flatter the average woman. Is this still something that you want to do?       

Most definitely!  My career goals include making fashion trends available to the average woman in this country. She is 5’-4” & a size 14/16 which puts her in the petite-plus category.  There isn’t much good fashion available for this customer and it’s a difficult body type to shop for.  It would make me so happy to fill this obvious gap in the marketplace.  These women need me!

8) How long has green been you favorite color? What do you find so appealing about the various shades of green?     

At the risk of sounding like I collect crystals (oops, I do have some!) green is the color of the heart chakra and has protective qualities.  Green is the perfect neutral & is, well, the color of nature.  I’ve loved green and chartreuse since I was about 5 and got to pick out my new bedroom carpet, it was a celery green shag!

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This post was originally published on August 19, 2011.