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Chic Lulu's Vintage Customer


This chic young lady came into the store a few weeks back and tried on the black hat that she is pictured in. I could tell that she really loved the hat- but, was unsure. She said that she never had worn a hat with such a wide brim before. I told her that I have a wide brimmed felt hat and whenever I wear it people are delighted to see me in it. When I wear the hat I get compliments from women and men. It can take sometime to get used to wearing hats- but, if you stick with it you will fall in love with wearing hats, believe that you look great, and people will appreciate your style. She bought the hat and it really topped off her chic style.

If you are longing for your own wide brimmed hat, I have the exact same hat that she bought except in red for sale here at the store: Lulu's Vintage 916 West Burnside.

This post was originally published on March 20, 2013.