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City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri Part II


The museum part of the City Museum gets overlooked by the majority of the visitors who go to the City Museum. Most people just go for the fun and playful side of the museum and don't visit the parts that display artifacts and architectural features from around St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest...

In one area of the museum there are all these artifacts that a man dug up around town. How cool is this pretzel flask!?!

One large room of the museum features architectural details from amazing old buildings that have unfortunately been torn down.


The glass cases against the wall display an impressive array of decorative door knobs.

Hmm...Frankenstein...I wonder if this is an architectural detail that Bob Cassilly created himself.

Unfortunately after Bob Cassilly died his wife was forced to close her vintage store The Bale Out which was inside of the museum. In it's place there is going to be more architectural salvage pieces.

This post was originally published on August 8, 2013.