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Fashion Fridays! Baby Says "Louis Vuitton C'est Si Bon!" Newborn Loves The Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2013 Collection


I just recently had a baby. I had been intending to collage bold and bright graphic images for her to look at while she was on the changing table. But, as any of you who have newborns know, you don't have a lot of extra time (I'm lucky to get to check my email let alone do a post for this blog) so, I hadn't gotten around to my collage project.

One day I was looking through the April 2013 edition of British Vogue when I came across this Louis Vuitton ad. I immediately knew that it would be a hit with my bebe. The bold color combinations and mod inspired set were perfect for my little newborn. We taped it up on the wall and as soon as she saw it she started to wiggle, kick, wave her arms, coo and baby talk to it!

For quite awhile the changing table has been her favorite place to be and she becomes really happy and chatty staring at me and my husband while we stand or sit near her. Once she realizes that she can stare at the Louis Vuitton ad instead of us that's it, Au Revoir Mom and Dad, Bon Jour Monsieur Vuitton! She says "Louis Vuitton C'est Si Bon!" I've even come up with a little song with the lyrics Louis Vuitton - C'est Si Bon that I sing to her while she stares at the ad.

This post was originally published on May 24, 2013.