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Fashion Fridays! Vintage Inspired Fluevogs


If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile you realize that I am a huge fan of John Fluevog shoes. On Lulu's I have featured shoes from him several times as well as a purse. Samantha Zaza sent in her Style Council interview and a photo of herself shod in the shoes she created for Fluevog called "Zaza" and I encouraged you to vote for Samantha's proposed ad design in a Fluevog ad design contest.

I have been waiting for a long time for a Fluevog store to open in Portland and one finally has! The store opened today. It's located at 1224 S.W. Stark Street.

The new Fluevog space is beautiful with lots of curvy wood display tables featuring Fluevog's artful footwear creations. The piece de resistance of the store is the vintage car which belonged to John Fluevog's dad...

For all of my love of Fluevog's, I only own one pair that I bought at the Granville store in Vancouver, B.C. when I lived up there. They are a Man's style that I purchased at a sale for $50- Canadian which was the equivalent of $35- American! Chris has me beat when it comes to Fluevogs. The Burgundy Angel Derby Swirl Boot are a staple of his everyday wear, he wore a pair of classic sixties inspired Fluevogs at our wedding, and he has a fun pair of blue and white spectator Fluevogs. With the Fluevog store being only three blocks away from my store I think that I will be adding some sculptural Fluevog's to my shoe wardrobe soon.

Here's a cute vintage inspired pair that would be perfect for Spring/Summer...

John Fluevog Belle Star shoes in Aqua Blue with bow detail.

You can purchase these new shoes for $255- over at John Fluevog

This post was originally published on April 1, 2011.