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Fashion Fridays! Vintage Inspired Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet & Shoulder Bag, Giorgio Armani T-Strap Sandals


Salvatore Ferragamo shoulder bag.

You can purchase this new bag for $795- from Nordstrom

Salvatore Ferragamo wallet.

You can purchase this new wallet for $475- from Nordstrom

This lovely vintage turquoise suede bag with matching two tone turquoise leather and suede shoes remind me of the new wallet and bag posted above from Salvatore Ferragamo and the new Giorgio Armani sandals posted below.

The hardware on the Salvatore Ferragamo wallet and bag is reminiscent of the quality and style you find on vintage bags. The two tone detail on the Giorgio Armani sandals is similar to details found on vintage shoes.

The vintage bag and shoe set pictured in the photo above were recently purchased at my store Lulu's Vintage located at 916 West Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon.

Giorgio Armani two-tone t-strap sandals.

You can purchase these new Giorgio Armani shoes for $650- from Barneys

This post was originally published on March 29, 2013.