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How To Shop For Vintage Part II : Kismet, Fate, Serendipity in the Vintage Clothing & Accessory World

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Call it what you will, when you find a vintage piece that you love and it fits you perfectly it is kismet, fate, serendipity all rolled into one.

Often times when you are a teenager or in your early twenties everything that you try on fits and looks good on you. As you grow older your body changes. We have to adapt our style and what we wear to flatter our changing figures. This is why as an adult if you find something that you love and it fits you, you should make the purchase. It is highly unlikely that you will ever come across that same vintage garment in the same color, pattern, cut and most especially size. There aren't multiple of the garment in each size XS - XL hanging on the rack, folded up in boxes in the backstock room, they aren't being manufactured in China and shipped over to replenish empty racks.

Sometimes if you are lucky you will find a vintage item similar to one that you own and have loved to death. The new vintage item comes into your life to replace the old one just in time. That is what happened to Anne pictured above. She had a vintage coat similar to the one she bought from me and is wearing in the photo. Her old vintage coat was falling apart so it was kismet,fate, serendipitous that she found a similar new vintage coat at my store.

This post was originally published on December 31, 2013.