Lulu's Vintage

Lulu in Seattle


This past Monday I took the commuter train from Tacoma up to Seattle for the Seattle Gift Show. I was looking for lines of items to sell at Lulu's Vintage brick and mortar location. I found several different lines that were of interest. Since my store is fairly small I have to consider each line carefully before I make the plunge and order. My favorite line of stuff was cute ephemera and accessories that are designed in Korea with fun vintage or vintage inspired images.

After wandering around the gift show for five hours I headed out into Seattle and did a little window shopping as well as some actual shopping.

The store that I always try to shop at when I'm in Seattle is Daiso...

I stocked up on super cute gift bags for people who shop at my store and purchase small things like jewelry, scarves, postcards and soap; an expense calendar/organizer; magnetic clip stands shaped like the Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower and the Empire State/Chrysler Building, note pads with cat images.

Two small strawberry plates, two shallow strawberry bowls, two cat chopstick holders, a small green dish, a mug with laundry and animals hanging out to dry, a mug which features a "Gentle Cat" dressed in a top hat sitting at a bar (click on the image above for a closer look at this silly mug).

Two cinnabar rabbit carvings; two pot holders with a tiny print of fruit, bees and ladybugs; a miniature bamboo forest; a miniature cupboard, chair and side table; pouches for my camera, cell phone and sunglasses.

This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, and in Vietnam this is considered to be the Year of the Cat. These are my signs in the Asian zodiac, it's interesting that I was born in the Year of the Cat because I am a Leo. I found the two carved cinnabar rabbits pictured above at the Seattle Gift Show.

This post was originally published on February 9, 2011.