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Lulu's Coverage of Auntie Mame, Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, Girl Shy, Singin' In The Rain, Call Her Savage, and Todd Oldham at The 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival Saturday, April 14


Posted below are my reviews and summaries of movies that I watched on Saturday, April 14th at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2012.

Auntie Mame was shown at 9:30 at The Egyptian Theatre

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Introduced by Todd Oldham

Todd noted that the aspect ratio is different on tv than on the big screen so you literally see more of the movie.

He says of the movie that it is a rich treasure, he gets to the end of the film and he feels happier. He says that Auntie Mame has huge kindness in her heart.

Lulu's Review

This is one of my favorite movies! The story, the characters, the interiors, the fashions- everything is fabulous! I have watched this movie before on the small screen and I have read the book (it's hilarious, it had me laughing out loud- which rarely does a book make me do) this was my first time seeing the movie on the big screen.

Auntie Mame cycles through a lot of different interior design styles throughout the movie. Starting with Asian decor, she works her way through Danish modern with a Calder-esque mobile and a goldfish bowl light fixture and ends with an Indian/Tibetan inspired interior.

The movie spans a wide range of time. Through the passing of time the costume styles change- but, they all have a 1950's fashion influence to them featuring a lot of wide skirts, even if that wasn't supposed to be the style of the eras being portrayed.

Costumes: 10

Sets: 10


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at 1:00 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Photo courtesy of Photofest and TCM

Introduced by Ginnifer Goodwin & Leonard Maltin

Marge Champion, who when she was a  girl, was the movement model for Snow White was in the audience.

Ginnifer noted that we are all flawed, we aren't Snow White.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was Walt Disney's first feature length film.

Before Snow White and the Seven Dwarves originally premiered they had the songs from the movie playing on the radio, and you could buy the sheet music.

Lulu's Review

Ever since childhood this has been my favorite Disney movie. The movie features catchy songs that will get stuck in your head for days. I love the gorgeous backgrounds in the movie. Unfortunately with the restoration of the movie some of the characters, especially the prince's color palette seem really blocky with no nuances or flowing shades of color.

You can see the 1930's influence on Snow White and the Wicked Witches costumes- it's like 1930's meets the Renaissance.


Girl Shy was shown at 4:15 at The Egyptian Theatre with live musical accompaniment by The Robert Israel Orchestra

Introduced by Leonard Maltin and Suzanne Lloyd

They noted that in Harold Lloyd's movies he always ended up with the girl and in most of the movies he was the underdog.

He was noted for being a perfectionist- even in old age he would watch his movies and talk about how he would redo things.

Lulu's Review

A super cute and sweet movie. I was only able to watch part of the movie because I had to run off to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to stand in line for the showing of Singin' In The Rain.


Singin' In The Rain was shown at 6:30 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Introduced by Robert Osborne and Debbie Reynolds. Patricia Kelly (Gene Kelly's wife) spoke after the movie (unfortunately, I couldn't stay for Patricia's talk, I had to run off to Call Her Savage at The Egyptian Theatre).

Debbie Reynolds was hilarious, boisterous, rambunctious, a real firecracker!

When she was talking about the song Aba Daba Honeymoon that she sang in her movie Two Weeks with Love which references monkeys she said, I didn't know I'd marry them (monkeys).

When preparing for Singin' In The Rain she worked 5 months practising dancing before anyone else showed up on set. She said that they molded her into a great dancer.

In reference to dancing she said, Just tie the tits down and go!

In regards to men she stated, As soon as I undress they all leave.

Talking about Cyd Charisse Debbie said that Cyd had legs longer than her (Debbie's) body.

Lulu's Review

This is my favorite musical. The costumes are fantastic. The songs and the dances are perfect. Donald O'Connor's Make 'Em Laugh dance skit is hilarious, gymnastic and very entertaining. I love the steaminess of  Gene Kelly's dance scene with Cyd Charisse.

Costumes: 10

Humor: 9

Dancing & Singing: 10


Call Her Savage was shown at 9:30 at The Egyptian Theatre

Introduced by David Sten and Katie Trainor

Before Call Her Savage started they showed a short clip of a recently discovered color film featuring Clara Bow dressed in a swimsuit feeding fish to a bird.

When they were talking of Clara they said that she was considered over at the age of 26.

In reference to Call Her Savage they said it was the strangest most perverse pre-code movie.

Lulu's Review

In the beginning of the movie I felt that Clara was being overly dramatic and forcing her character, as the movie went along I was won over by her acting through the tragic events that were piling up in her character's life.

Todd Oldham was one of the speakers that I was looking forward to hearing from the most at the TCM Classic Film Festival. He is such a talented man of many hats.

When he introduced Auntie Mame you could tell from his speech that he was a kind person.

On Saturday evening when I was heading from the Grauman's Chinese Theatre to The Egyptian Theatre I saw Todd Oldham pass by me coming from The Egyptian Theatre. I asked him if I could take his picture and he said yes, would you like for it to be of the two of us together and I said sure. I tried to take a photo of the two of us standing next to each other with my arm stretched out holding the camera- but, just in case the one of us together didn't turn out I took another photo of just him, the one posted above, which turned out great! He chitchatted with me a little bit while I was taking the photos. He said that he had just come from seeing the movie Gun Crazy.

You know how sometime people will ask you if you could meet anyone and hang out with them who would you want to meet. My top pick so far has been Michel Gondry who I have seen in person and gotten his autograph. He seems shy and nice. Now I would also add Todd Oldham to the list. It would be fascinating to sit and have a drink with either of them because they both obviously have such creative and active minds.

This post was originally published on April 25, 2012.

Lulu's Coverage of A Trip To The Moon and Beyond, Charade, The Women, and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House at The 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival Sunday, April 15

Posted below are my reviews and summaries of movies that I watched on Sunday, April 15th at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2012.

A Trip To The Moon and Beyond at 9:45 at The Egyptian Theatre

Presented by Serge Bromberg

Lobster Film's Serge Bromberg searches for films in attics and basements. He said that more than half of the films made are missing, that 5 or 10 out of 100 cans of films he discovers are worth watching, he said that it's the same ratio as with today's movies. He stated that the problem isn't necessarily restoring the film but restoring the audience.

Serge was very charming and enjoyable to listen to.

Serge showed several other silent movies before A Trip To The Moon. He accompanied all the movies other than A Trip To The Moon with piano.

* A Trip Down Market Street a seven minute film traveling down San Francisco's Market Street in April 1906, just days before the city was destroyed.

* A film taken after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.

*A Butterfly's Metamorphosis from 1904 in which each frame was handcolored.

*The Acrobatic Fly from 1907 featuring microscopic filming of a fly.

* Revenge of the Butterfly from 1906.

* Flirting on the Train from 1902.

* After the Ball from the 1890's featuring a striptease and shower scene. It's incredible to see how many layers of underclothes she takes off.

* A Trip to Japan from 1905. Serge's sister recreated the original hand painted color palette for this film.

* Caruso from 1907. Actually an actor (a plumber in real life) who resembles Caruso singing.

* Love Nest a Buster Keaton movie from 1923. One of my favorite scenes from this movie was Buster sealing an envelope that contains a letter for his ex-fiance with his tears.

* A Trip To The Moon from 1902.

Serge said that this was the Avatar of it's day. Of Melies he said that he was an illusionist, a wizard. They chose Air to do the soundtrack in the hope that younger audiences would be interested in the music and then they would want to see the movie.

Lulu's Review

The movie looked amazing with the tinting and restoration. It was much easier to differentiate what things were (aliens versus backgrounds) in this restored version than in the black and white version. The AIR soundtrack was perfect for the film adding a great pace and energy to the movie.


Charade at 12:15 at The Egyptian Theatre

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Lulu's Review

This movie features cool opening credits as well as a catchy and suspenseful soundtrack. The footage of the stamp show is fun. The movie has a suspenseful ending.

Costumes: 8

Menacing Bad Guys: 9


The Women at 3:30 at The Egyptian Theatre

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Introduced by Todd Oldham & Cari Beauchamp

Todd said that it's a total beauty bath, like it was made on another planet. The insanity of a 20 minute fashion show in the middle of the film, it's like the intermission you don't pee in.

Lulu's Review

Adrian was the designer for this movie. The hats worn throughout the movie are tons of fun featuring veiling and flowers, some of the hats looks as though they were made of clear plastic cups. The fashion show has lots of great designs. There are a few Surrealist inspired garments including unusual details like eyes and hands. Joan Crawford has an elaborate bathtub that is clear with swan detail. The movie cast is stellar.


Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House at 6:45 at the Chinese Multiplex

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Introduced by Matt Tyrnauer

Matt Tyrnauer says that this is one of the few movies about urban planning. At the time that the movie was made it was becoming popular to build dream houses outside of the city, moving to the suburbs. You can actually visit the house from the movie it was built in Malibu and it's now part of the Malibu Creek State Park.

*Coming tomorrow photos of fashionable TCM Classic Film Festival attendees*

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