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Lulu's Coverage of The 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival Friday, April 13


Posted below are my reviews and summaries of movies that I watched and a lecture that I attended on Friday, April 13th at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2012.

I’m No Angel was shown at 12:30 at the Chinese Multiplex 4

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Introduced by Deborah Nadoolman Landis

Travis Banton attended the Arts Students League and then went on to be a designer at Lucille Limited. where Mary Pickford picked out a wedding dress designed by him to wear for her wedding to Douglas Fairbanks.

Travis Banton designed costumes for Claudette Colbert, Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, and Mae West. Travis Banton was designing clothing through the 1960’s.

An interesting tid bit of information is that he was Edith Head’s first boss.

Mae West was 4’ 6” and throughout most of I'm No Angel you see her in long gowns that hide the tall shoes that she would wear.

Lulu’s Review

This movie features Mae West at the top of her form sashaying and sauntering around in form fitting gowns shooting off one liners right and left.

Cary Grant is charming and handsome.

Some of my favorite dress details were the costumes featuring 3-D flower details. Mae wears a sleeveless gown that is adorned with flowers around the arm holes and is matched with flower adorned arm sleeves.

Mae’s character in the movie keeps figurines of animals next to photos of the men her life, each figurine representing that man’s character. The figurines include a skunk and snake.

Ratings on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest ranking:

Costumes: 9

Sassiness: 10

Sets: 7


The Ultimate Film Noir happened at 2:30 at Club TCM

Discussion between Eddie Muller and Rose McGowan

This was a discussion between the two of them deciding who they would cast in their “Ultimate Film Noir” movie.

Rose McGowan has original RKO sign letters in her living room. 

Rose said that she is really surprised at how little her fellow industry people know about the history of the film industry.

Eddie thinks that Rose looks like Jane Greer.

Posted below is a partial list of their picks for their "Ultimate Film Noir" (I didn't catch all of the names that they mentioned- but, I got the majority of the names)...

Writer Picks:

Rose: Ben Hecht 

Eddie: Jonathan Latimer

Composer Picks:

Rose: Roy Webb 

Eddie: Bernard Hermann , Franz Waxman

Cinematographer Picks:

Eddie: John Alton


Rose: Jacques Tourneur, Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder

Eddie: Robert Siodmak


Rose: Elisha Cook Jr.


Rose: Ward Bond

Eddie: Charles McGraw


Rose: Neville Brand

Eddie: Timothy Carey


Rose: William Conrad

Eddie: Dan Duryea

Supporting Actor:

Rose: Peter Lorre

Eddie: Paul Stewart

Supporting Actress:

Eddie: Marie Windsor

Lead Actress:

Rose: Jane Greer

Eddie: Ida Lupino

Lead Actor:

Rose: Robert Mitchum

Eddie: Humphrey Bogart


Vertigo was shown at 6:00 at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

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The ceiling of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre is painted with a Chinese mural and has ornate moulding. There are marble pillars and the walls are red with gold painting. The theatre is massive. The seats have been converted to modern seats with cup holders- but, they don’t look out of place like some I’ve seen at other vintage movie theaters.

Robert Osborne interviewed Kim Novak.

Kim Novak liked working with Hitchcock. She said that he knew when to let you take charge of a character.

Kim said that the grey suit was like a strait jacket, saying that the discomfort was right for the character.

She said she was glad to get to see Vertigo on the big screen.

Lulu’s Review

The black and green evening gown in the restaurant scene in the movie is stunning.

Ratings on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest ranking:

Overall: 9

Costumes: 8


Chinatown was shown at 9:30 at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

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Robert Osbourne introduced Robert Evans and Robert Towne.

Robert Evans said It’s the 100th Anniversary of Paramount and it feels like it!

Robert Evans said that Robert Towne is the best writer he has worked with in his entire career.

Lulu’s Review

How apropos to see Chinatown at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles! This movie has great men’s fashions including fedoras, ties and three piece suits. Faye Dunaway has a gorgeous selection of hats.

This post was originally published on April 24, 2012.