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Lulu's Vintage Blog Five Year Anniversary- Men's & Women's Vintage Giveaway


Monday, January 24th marked the Five Year Anniversary of Lulu's Vintage Blog!

To celebrate I have assembled three different sets of vintage items for you to enter to win. Each set is valued at approximately $100- each. This contest is open to vintage lovers all over the world*

How To Enter

On this post leave a Comment with the following information included:

1) Choose one of the following five categories to write a small blurb about: things that you love about vintage, your favorite vintage items that you own,  your favorite vintage style icons,  your favorite movies for vintage fashion,  your favorite eras for vintage fashion.

2) In your comment note which set of vintage items you are entering to win 1, 2, or 3.

3) In your comment leave your name as well as your city and state or city and country.

<The winners will be announced on February 24th>

1)The Suave & Swank Set. Click the photo below to get a closer look at the prizes...

The Suave & Swank Set includes: Red, white and blue vintage tie; Swank gold tone cuff links with fleur de lis and stripe design, Almond scented horseshoe shaped soap; "For Every Girl Who Has The Curves There's A Guy Who Has The Angles" sign/giant postcard; Stork Club book; Three swizzle sticks: Cowboy on a horse, Swordfish, Lobster; and Vintage ad for Bacardi featuring one suave & swank gentleman surrounded by three lovely ladies.

2) The Pop & Psychedelia Set. Click the photo below to get a closer look at the prizes...

The Pop & Psychedelia Set includes: Yellow and white daisy brooch; Bright pink, aqua and white Pucci inspired satin hosiery/jewelry bag; Orange scarf with psychedelic pink, yellow, white, blue and black paisley, floral, bird print; White terry cloth apron with yellow, red and black rooster, chick and mushroom design; and vintage Sportmaker by Maidenform ad which states "A-hunting we will man-trapping Sportmaker separates".

3) The Pretty & Proper Set. Click the photo below to get a closer look at the prizes...

The Pretty & Proper Set includes: New Old Stock faux pearl and silver beaded clutch; Brushed silver tone and gold tone floral brooch; Uniquely shaped blue hanky with floral design; Sheer pink apron with ruffle trim and cute patch pocket; Lenox China ad which states " When I marry...I'll live in a lovely white house with tall white columns and a sunlit flagstone terrace and a willow-shaded driveway. My dining room will be soft pastel blue and there I'll dine by candlelight and always set my table with the most beautiful china in the world.

*Lulu will pay for shipping. The winner is responsible for any taxes or duties. One entry per person.

This post was originally published on January 28, 2011.