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Lulu's Vintage Customers + More Cute Vintage Style


Posted below are some photos of Lulu's Vintage Customers + Others With Cute Vintage Style...

I was waiting for the right person to come in and buy this awesome Barbarella-esque futuristic looking silver faux crocodile dress. Not only did the stylish lady (blogger over at Today I Want) posted above buy this dress she also bought a fantastic brown dress with a green horse print from Vested Gentress.

The cute Asian print dress pictured above was missing it's original belt so I paired it with pink deadstock velvet ribbon from my store.

This gentleman came into the store looking well put together- all he needed was the hat that he purchased here.

These peep toe slingback shoes featured a neat print as well as genuine cork wedges!

The same stylish lady featured at the beginning of this post. This Hawaiian dress matched her gorgeously colored hair perfectly. Alas, she did not purchase this dress, so it is still here waiting for you to take it home with you!

Everyone falls in love with this deadstock Gunne Sax by Jessica wedding gown. It is a super small size and had yet to fit anyone until this lovely ballet dancer came along and it was a perfect fit. Alas, she was not in the market for a wedding gown, so it is still here waiting for you to take it home with you!

Even though none of the ensemble pictured above is from Lulu's I couldn't resist taking a photo of this young lady with super cute style!

This post was originally published on September 27, 2012.