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Manly Mondays! Morrissey Concert in Portland, Oregon March 2013


On Friday, March 8th Chris and I went and saw Morrissey perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall here in Portland, Oregon. Morrissey is one of our favorite musicians, and it was fantastic to see him perform in the most gorgeous concert hall in Portland!

Morrissey was originally scheduled to play in November- but, his mother was ill so he rescheduled to March. Earlier this year he had suffered from a bleeding ulcer, and had to again reschedule several of his tour dates. Fortunately for us he was able to perform at his rescheduled date here. Since his performance here he has had to cancel the rest of his US tour due to ongoing health issues.

Chris and I had great seats at the concert, Aisle B in the orchestra section. From our vantage point we were able to see all of Morrissey's dramatic gestures. He performed well but, we could see that he wasn't at his peak.

Morrissey fans are rabid. He asked the crowd why are you still here, and almost every person that he handed the microphone around to said I love you Morrissey. At one point a man hopped on stage and gave Morrisey a bear hug. It's a Morrissey tradition to rip off his shirt, at least once during a concert, and toss it into the crowd. Often times he will also throw out notes and song lyrics. At the end of this show his band members threw out guitar picks. We were lucky enough to get one.

Here's hoping that Morrissey will fully recover and amaze, amuse, charm, and delight us again soon!

This post was originally published on March 18, 2013.