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Manly Mondays! Vintage Men's Tuxedos a.k.a. Every Girl's Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man Revisited


I started Manly Mondays back in February of 2006 because good Men's Vintage is hard to find, and I didn't want guys to feel overlooked. Posted below is my first Manly Monday post from February 7, 2006. Below that is an updated take on the original post with another swanky tuxedo.

Every Girl's Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man

    Good men's vintage clothing is very hard to come by. My theory is that men love their clothes to death. They wear things until they cannot be worn anymore. So, to help solve the conundrum of where to find great men's vintage, I am going to scour the internet and find pieces to share with you.
    Take for instance this spiffy 50's vintage tuxedo which can be found over at Vintage Vixen (the tuxedo posted above is no longer available for sale [seeing that this post was made over 6 years ago- it makes sense] ;)

Check out the tuxedo posted below that is currently for sale over on Etsy...

1930's dark navy blue wool with satin trim tuxedo.

Measurements are 37" Chest & 32 1/2" Waist

You can purchase this tuxedo for $325- from Living Threads Vintage

This post was originally published on September 24, 2012.