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Midwest Roadtrip 2010 Wrap Up


Today I am wrapping up the Midwest Roadtrip 2010 extravaganza with some miscellaneous photos as well as some travel tips.

Chris and I have a hard time finding food to eat when we're on the road because we don't eat beef, pork, etc... We also don't usually eat at fast food restaurants (except Burgerville, a local, super tasty, community minded fast food chain). We're AAA members so we often refer to our AAA guidebook when we are looking for a place to eat.

Here are some dining gems that we found through the guidebook or just by chance:

Cafe 27 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Cafe 116 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota...

Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensberg, Washington...

A few other essentials for a fun roadtrip are things to keep you occupied like games and good music.

We passed our time in the car by writing down state and province license plates and playing M.A.S.H. When I was a teenager my friends and I would play M.A.S.H. and we would list the names of four boys who we had crushes on (other traditional mash categories are # of children, type of car, career, pets, city to live in). Obviously Chris and I have one another in mind when we play M.A.S.H now. We like to mix it up and throw some unexpected categories into the game like: what kind of collection each of us would have, what style of architecture our dwelling would be, what music we would listen to, and what type of food we would eat:

Chris' M.A.S.H. results:

We would live in a Craftsman House in Bruges, Belgium. We would get around town on a Riding Lawnmower. He would be a Park Ranger and I would be a Hockey Coach (obviously Chris has a big sense of humor). He would collect Motel Ashtrays and I would collect Hair Jewelry. We would hang out with our pet Otter while we listened to Stan Getz and ate Lebanese food.

Lulu's M.A.S.H. results:

We would live in a Spanish style Mansion in Quebec City, Canada. We would get around town on a 60's Italian Scooter. I would be a Magazine Editor and Chris would be an Architect. I would collect everything Art Nouveau & Art Deco and he would collect Cameras. We would hang out with our pet Bunnies while we listened to Jazz and ate Indian food.

It's really important to have a good selection of music to listen to on a roadtrip, you cannot rely on radio reception when you are driving through the country.

Thank God for iPods! Before we left on our trip Chris put together a huge playlist of upbeat music to keep us on the go while driving out to St. Louis. When we headed back to Portland we drove the car that Chris' sister gave us which didn't have a place to plug in the iPod. The car only has a tape deck, which did not deter us from rocking out. While he was at his parent's house Chris unearthed his giant tape collection, and then once we were on the road we would stop at thrift stores and buy tapes to add to our collection.

Here are some miscellaneous photos from our trip...

I hope that you have enjoyed our roadtrip photos, and I hope that you have discovered some new places to travel to and visit!

This post was originally published on October 5, 2010.