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Photos of the 2nd Annual Portland Hat Parade


The 2nd Annual Portland Hat Parade was quite successful this year! We had a great turn out and a beautiful sunny day for the parade. It was exciting to see how inventive people got with their hats.

We enjoyed our visit to Dayna Pinkham where we learned about her process and history, we turned heads as we walked through Portland, took photos in the park and wrapped it up with some gelato.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun event!

I baked hat shaped cookies for the occasion.

Me in my butterfly ensemble. I am wearing a vintage hat with a butterfly that I attached to it. I sewed butterflies onto my blouse and wrapped netting around my waist and sewed on a butterfly.

Kay (on the left) gets the award for the most inventive hat and ensemble. She said that she was influenced by the forest and nature. Her friend was a nice compliment to her with his archer/Robin Hood inspired hat.

The woman in the middle is Amy Downs who created the colorful hats that the ladies are wearing. You can buy these hats over at Physical Element.

Photos of people gathering here at Lulu's Vintage.

Chris manned my store for me while I was out leading the parade.

Alyce Cornyn-Selby owner of The Hat Museum in a beautiful Marie Antoinette inspired ensemble.

Dayna Pinkham talking to us at her millinery studio Pinkham Millinery.

This lady created her whole ensemble including the cool castle hat.

Group photos at Tanner Springs Park.

The European fairy tale interior of Via Delizia was the perfect setting for us to enjoy gelato.

For more photos of the hat parade check out Shannon Cheesman's coverage over on KATU

This post was originally published on June 27, 2011.