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Roadtrip 2011- The Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma


In the small town of Miami, Oklahoma we came across the Coleman Theatre. We stopped to take photos of the exterior never dreaming of the luxurious interior that lay in wait inside. We happened to be there on a day that the theatre was open for tours and we were led on a tour of the interior by an enthusiastic volunteer.

The theater was opened in 1929 by George L. Coleman, Sr. a wealthy local man who wanted the theatre to be equal to one that one might find in Chicago or New York. Throughout the years many famous actors and actresses made appearances at the theatre. Over the years the theatre fell into disrepair suffering heavy damage due to rain leaks. In 1989 the theatre was donated to the city of Miami. Since the donation of the theatre to the city, hundreds of volunteers have worked to restore it to it's original splendor.

We were disappointed that we were going to miss the showing of The Lost World with live organ accompaniment by Dennis James. Dennis James performs at the theatre several times a year and from what the volunteer who gave us our tour was saying it is something you have to experience...

This post was originally published on November 9, 2011.