Lulu's Vintage

S is for Swell Vintage


I am giving each vintage store in the running for the Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites their day in the sun by sharing an item from each store* in each letter of the alphabet featured.

Today S is for Swell Vintage...

Samaya Ling Vintage


Sheila Cook Textiles

Shrimpton Couture

Silver Tooth Vintage

Sisters of the Black Moon

Small Earth Vintage

The Spectrum

Stairway to Vintage

Steptoes Dog Antiques


Swank Vintage

Sweet Rocket 99

Sydney's Vintage Clothing

*Please note I am only featuring items from stores that I can copy photos from their websites to share in these blog posts. If you have a store that is in the running for the Top 10 and you don't see an item from your store represented here- you can email me a photo at: lulusvintage (at)

This post was originally published on July 21, 2012.