Lulu's Vintage

The Original Lulu's Vintage Store Location in Portland, Oregon 2001 – 2003


The original LuLu's Vintage (note the difference in capitalization) was located at 1031 S.W. Morrison Street. Ray's Cheap Date and Ray's Ragtime were right next door. This first version of Lulu's Vintage was open from 2001 - 2003.

The store had racks suspended from the ceiling, and a clean modern look - things that at the time were unheard of in most Portland boutiques, let alone vintage stores.

I would take Polaroid pictures of clients in their purchases as well as fashionable people who stopped by (I now take digital photos of clients and post them on my website). I would have the people sign the photos and then I would tape the photos up around the interior of the door.

During the upcoming weeks I am going to share some of these photos with you.

This post was originally published on May 13, 2013.