Lulu's Vintage

The Original Lulu's Vintage Store Location in Portland, Oregon 2001 - 2003 Part IV


My very close friend Naoko (Tanigawa) Hino with her sweet mom Noriko Tanigawa at the original Lulu's Vintage store location. Naoko was attending school here in Portland and her mom was visiting her from Japan. Naoko has since moved back to Japan.
They are standing in front of my desk which is covered with arts and crafts projects that I was working on at the time (in the photo Naoko and Noriko are both wearing sculptures/brooches that I created). At the first location of my store I didn't have a computer so I had a lot more time to do creative things and work on pricing things for the store. Now with two blogs, four email accounts, four Facebook accounts/pages, and two Twitter accounts I rarely ever have any time for anything creative anymore.

This post was originally published on May 16, 2013.