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The Style Council, Interviews with Vintage Clothing Lovers - Celebrating 7 Years of Lulu's Vintage Blog


Thursday, January 24th marked the 7th Anniversary of Lulu's Vintage Blog! To celebrate I am scouring through my blog categories looking for some of my favorite posts.

June 27, 2010 The Style Council! Natalie A. Rebuck of Exquisitus

Today I have linked to all of the interviews with vintage lovers in The Style Council category(click on the link below each photo to read the original article).

April 20, 2010 The Style Council! Jen Doward

March 24, 2010 The Style Council! Holly of Lucitebox

February 14, 2010 The Style Council! Brooksie

September 13, 2009 The Style Council! Amy Mayberry of Viva Vintage Clothing

July 05, 2009 The Style Council! Lizzie of Fuzzylizzie

March 15, 2009 The Style Council! EllynAnne Geisel, Author of The Kitchen Linens Book, The Apron Book, and Apronisms

February 02, 2009 The Style Council! Jody Olson of Camellia

December 07, 2008 The Style Council! Nancy Russel

November 02, 2008 The Style Council! Samantha Zaza a.k.a. Szaza

October 05, 2008 The Style Council! Simara Delilah Rose

September 07, 2008 The Style Council! Natalie Raymond

August 03, 2008 The Style Council! Serena Thompson of Farm Chicks

July 07, 2008 Portland Style Council! Nick Mattos

July 06, 2008 The Style Council! Kim of Fast Eddie's Retro Rags

June 01, 2008 The Style Council! Cherie of Shrimpton Couture

May 13, 2008 Portland Style Council! Val Mathus

May 04, 2008 The Style Council! Naomi Thompson of Vintage Secret

April 06, 2008 The Style Council! Solanah Hernandez

March 10, 2008 The Style Council! Christine Blystone

March 02, 2008 The Style Council! Sarah of Rice and Beans Vintage

February 11, 2008 The Portland Style Council! Liz of Xtabay

February 03, 2008 The Style Council! Jody of Couture Allure

January 28, 2008 The Style Council! Ray of Ray's Ragtime

January 06, 2008 The Style Council! Lulu of Lulu's Vintage

December 02, 2007 The Style Council! Julie of Damn Good Vintage

November 04, 2007 The Style Council! Ang of Dorothea's Closet

October 07, 2007 The Style Council! Sofi Akhala

The Style Council! Milli Hansen

August 05, 2007 The Style Council! Mischaela

July 01, 2007 The Style Council! Naoko Tanigawa

June 03, 2007 The Style Council! Henriette Weber Anderson

May 06, 2007 The Style Council! Seyta Selter of Duchess Clothier

April 01, 2007 The Style Council , Ulla-Maaria Mutanen

I am resurrecting The Style Council interviews!

If you are interested in participating email me: lulusvintage (at) a quality photo of yourself wearing vintage (it can be a modern outfit accented with vintage accessories or a complete vintage ensemble) and answer my questions:

    - How long have you been collecting vintage clothing for?
    - What got you into vintage clothing?
    - What are your favorite eras of clothing?
    - What do you like about clothing from these eras?
    - Who are some of your favorite vintage designers?
    - Who are some of your favorite modern designers?
    - What would be your ultimate vintage find?
    - Where do you do the majority of your vintage shopping- garage, estate and rummage sales, thrift stores, vintage stores, online vintage stores, eBay or Etsy?
    - Is vintage clothing popular in the city that you live in?
    - Who are some of your favorite style icons?
    - What are your favorite vintage movies, music and television programs?
    - Do you collect any other types of collectibles or antiques?

    Please also include your name, city and state or country of residence.

This post was originally published on January 31, 2013.