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The Winners of Lulu's Vintage 5 Year Blog Anniversary


The winner's of Lulu's Vintage Blog Five Year Anniversary are...

Angela of Melbourne, Australia is the winner of the Suave & Swank set. Angela left my favorite comment...

David Bowie is my main style icon: originality, androgeny, colour, stretch and sparkle. Even boxing boots on him are glamorous.

I love the way Marilyn Monroe was sewn into her clothes, the way it always looks as though she might pop out. Her sense of humour and smile were her best and boldest accessories.

Lauren Bacall, because she would stay in chic, small hotels. Because of her voice, the way she stands, and the way she looks in that two-piece suit and beret in The Big Sleep.

Artist Edvard Munch, because he lived in a big house with the radio buzzing and several versions of the same painting around him. Because he couldn't paint hands.

My old boss, Tim. He collects watches and wears sport coats. He has salt & pepper hair and he owns a Daimler. We can talk about French philosophy and synth-pop.

Maggie of Spokane, Washington is the winner of the Pop & Psychedelia set. Her winning comment was...

Congratulations on your Blogging Anniversary Lulu! Here's to your next 5!

I love vintage (clothing especially) because
1. It looks great
2. It is recycling
3. It has karma
4. It might fit you better
5. It is generally a very good bargain
6. It isn't what everyone else has
7. It reminds you of interesting times gone by
8. It lets you play different roles
9. It highlights your uniqueness

I am caught between your pretty and proper and your pop and psychedelia sets, but have to go with the psychedelia because I have a half slip (which I sometimes wear as a skirt) of the same fabric as the jewelry bag.

Thank you for the contest!

Hell's Belle of Houston, Texas is the winner of the Pretty & Proper set. Her winning comment is...

I love vintage because:
1) I am an old soul and come from a long line of glamorous women who believed in taking care of yourself and putting your best stem forward.
2) The quality of vintage clothing far surpasses the quality of the mass-produced offerings of today.
3) I long for a simpler time, when proper etiquette was not strange or cause for pause, but commonplace and manners were expected and cultivated.
4) I have found that I have come alive since I began dressing and enbracing vintage. I was once a wallflower who hardly anyone noticed, now I get more compliments that a girl could hope for and seem to have really found my stride.
5) I have been told that I look JUST like my grandmother LaNelle, who I adored, when I am dolled up in vintage. That means more to me than anything anyone has ever told me.

This post was originally published on February 24, 2011