Lulu's Vintage

This Ain't No Hearst Castle


Photo of a sculpture in the parking lot of our hotel.

Before we traveled down to L.A. we were excited to find listed online a hotel for a really good price located in Hollywood near Paramount Studios. We wondered to ourselves is this deal too good to be true? We read the reviews on line and found that the main complaints were of the old fashioned style of the rooms and the fact that you had to walk up the stairs as the elevator was usually out of order. These things were no big deal to us since we've always lived in vintage dwellings and a couple flights of stairs don't daunt us.

When we arrived we found the hotel and our room to be okay- nothing great / nothing awful. All would be well with our stay until nighttime came. One night I was awakened from my meagre state of sleep by the sound of loud pounding on one of the doors down the hallway. The loudest and most urgent pounding of a door I've ever heard in my life. The guy continued pounding on the door and occasionally yelling for quite sometime. Then an LA police helicopter started circling with it's searchlight shining in a near by neighborhood. Another night at about 4:00 in the morning a woman left a room down the hallway and started yelling at a guy "Give me back my phone" over and over again (we think she was probably a prostitute). We wouldn't ever see these sketchy people, we would only hear them at night. During the daytime the hotel was filled with your normal hotel crowd of senior citizens, foreign visitors, business people, etc.

This post was originally published on May 6, 2012.