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Treasures Unearthed: An Hour With The Movies and The Talkies; Record Albums by The Cure; Elvis Costello and The Attractions; Depeche Mode; Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and The Smiths


For the past several days I have been working at my parent's house helping them prepare to move from my childhood home. Yesterday I spent an extremely physical day boxing up and carrying hundreds if not a thousand books.

Because of trying to get things done quickly I tried when boxing up stuff in my parents house not to get too involved in looking too carefully at things. A few things caught my eye yesterday that I brought back to my house.

One was this book An Hour With The Movies and The Talkies from 1929 and which the author dedicated to Charles Chaplin (an interesting coincidence is that the photo below is Image number 1929 from my camera)...

One of the opening paragraphs of the book states, "Ignoring illusion, half a million people labor so that several hundred million others will spend a billion dollars a year to see about a thousand feature pictures (and several thousand secondary ones) the majority of which are so stupid, tasteless, and wearisome that no man of average intelligence could bear to look at them twice. Recognizing the illusion half a dozen people have, in the thirty years of the movie's existence, created perhaps a score of films which have interested men and women of intelligence and have suggested that the moving picture is, or can be, an art".

I guess that some things never change. I fully agree and believe that the statement "the majority of which are so stupid, tasteless, and wearisome that no man of average intelligence could bear to look at them twice" applies to movies today.

The book promises to be a treat seeing that it was written on the cusp of talkies. Flipping through the book I noticed that the author writes about The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari as well as films from the Soviet Union that I am a fan of.

When I was boxing up records that my mom had bought to resell I couldn't resist taking a quick peek through them to see what there was. Initially they looked to be mostly show tunes and then I came across some of my favorite bands at which point I asked my mom how she had gone about choosing which rock albums to buy, seeing that she doesn't listen to rock, she said that she bought whatever she thought would be collectible. I came away from her house with The Cure's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me; Elvis Costello And The Attraction's Armed Forces; Depeche Mode's Black Celebration and Some Great Reward; Joan Jett & The Blackheart's I Love Rock N Roll; and The Smith's Meat is Murder.

I own all of these record albums already- but, I don't know where my old copies are so I am glad to have found these. I just recently brought a self standing hi-fi record player over to my place. I don't have a t.v or internet at my place so my only music up to this point has been the radio on which I listen to the classical and jazz stations.

This post was originally published on April 7, 2011.