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Trends Men Detest


Here are the hated trends along with my thoughts:

1. Ugg boots. Probably one of my least favorite types of footwear along with slouchy boots and white athletic sneakers.

2. Oversized sunglasses. Another hated trend that I can agree with. Portland is infested with girls who look like bugs in their oversize 70's/80's mom sunglasses.

3. Jumpsuits. A tricky look to pull off, only to be worn by tall skinny model types.

4. Red lipstick. Being an ardent fan and daily wearer of red lipstick, I would have to disagree with this one. Red lipstick can really pull together an ensemble and give a certain panache to one's look. Plus, my red lipstick certainly never hurt my love life.

5. Harem pants. A super tricky look to pull off, only to be worn by tall skinny model types.

6. Socks with sandals. Not a good look on a man or a woman.

One of my most hated trends I found missing from the list, I don't even know if you can call it a fashion trend or not because it is something that unfashionable women seem to wear, pajama pants in public. Cheap pajama pants should not be seen outside of your home! I must confess to wearing Men's pajama shirts a la It Happened One Night...

when I was in my late teens- but, you have to admit those have a certain allure. So, what type of pajamas do I think are okay to be worn in public? I envision silks and satins, take for instance these beauties...

1940's rose satin lounging pajamas.

Measurements are: 34" Chest, 27" Waist and 36" Hips

You can purchase these pajamas for $125- over at Yum Yum Vintage

This post was originally published on March 30, 2011.