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Hello Kitty at The EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington - Hello Kitty Collectibles

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On President's Day my husband, my daughter and I went to the Hello! Exploring The Supercute World of Hello Kitty exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

I grew up collecting Hello Kitty and have been happy to be able to share my passion for Hello Kitty with my toddler. 

The Hello Kitty display at the museum was vast, covering what I am dividing into three different categories for three different types of Hello Kitty items on display. Today I am sharing what I term collectibles. Items that were massed produced and were/are collected by Hello Kitty lovers around the world. Art and Graphics which consists of paintings, sculptures, as well as graphics used throughout the Hello Kitty display at the museum. Fashion that ranges from everyday items like a cool sweatshirt that is for sale in the EMP gift store to dresses and gowns made by Project Runway contestants and one that was selected to be worn by Lady Gaga.

We are kicking off our Hello Kitty Koverage with Hello Kitty merchandise. Several items that were on display in the cases I own or had when I was a little girl. I continue to add to my Hello Kitty collection, which I now share with my daughter. In fact today I received a package from my friend Naoko, who was my maid of honor at my wedding, and who lives in Japan. Inside the package there was a really cool Hello Kitty stamp set consisting of lots of small stamps, two large stamps, and a stamp pad all housed inside a cute glittered plastic case with a handle.

The first piece of Hello Kitty merchandise that was manufactured and on display at the Hello Kitty exhibit was a coin purse, a replica of which is pictured below...

I had the petite Hello Kitty bubblegum machine posted below when I was a little girl. Something really fun about the display that this bubblegum machine was in at the museum was that there was a pull out drawer filled with little rectangular packages of bubble gum wrapped in wrappers featuring Sanrio characters. The display had little holes perforated in the top of the plexiglass so you could sniff the gum. I distinctly remember the smell of this gum from my childhood.

One of my favorite items at the exhibition was the miniature display case pictured below with miniature Hello Kitty items...It was too cute!!!

Posted below are items to help you up the kawaii in your child's lunchbox...

Tomorrow I will be sharing photos of the Art and Graphics from Hello! Exploring The Supercute World of Hello Kitty.