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Films & Programs Watched in February 2012

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Chris and I are keeping track of every movie, dvd, and video tape we watch this year. I have noted if we have seen the movie/program before and if we own the movie/program. Unless otherwise noted we watched the movies/programs at home. Click on the title of the movie/program and you will be taken to TCM or Amazon where you can purchase the movies/programs.

February 1

It's Always Fair Weather 1955

February 3

The Pale Horse

February 4

Murder on the Links 2002

February 5

Mrs. Miniver 1942

Lulu has seen before.

February 6

Arrest Bulldog Drummond 1939

February 7

A Caribbean Mystery 1983

Lulu has seen before.

February 8

Georgy Girl 1966

The mod costumes for the character Meredith were designed by Mary Quant. This movie is sad and disturbing in places. The song Georgy Girl that you hear played on the oldies radio station is from this movie. The song lyrics will never sound the same after you have seen the movie.

February 9

The Golden Arrow 1936

February 10

You'll Never Get Rich 1941

There is a dance scene on top of a giant army tank when Rita Hayworth is wearing a wedding dress with an intriguing fishnet top that extends out and covers the hands.

February 12

The Male Animal 1942

February 14

Murder is Easy 1982

Lulu has seen before.

February 15

Be Kind Rewind 2008

During the movie there is a scene that takes place in the video store where you can see the Oui Oui Ma Maison video playing on the tv in the background.

February 16

On Our Merry Way 1948

February 18

Paradise Lagoon aka The Admirable Crichton 1957

February 19

Manhattan Murder Mystery 1993

February 20

Broadway Melody of 1936 1935

This was our first time seeing Buddy Ebson outside of The Beverly Hillbillies. Fashion highlights are the gigantic ruffles and bows on the actresses. Elanor Powell is a stunningly talented dancer!

February 21

Rick Steve's Austria & The Alps

We have seen before.

February 22

Seinfeld Season 5

We have seen before. We own.

& Rick Steves

February 23

Howard's End 1992 (Lulu)

Lulu has seen before.

& Seinfeld

February 24

The Murder of Roger Ackyroyd

February 25

Heathers 1989

Lulu has seen before.

February 26

The Avengers '63 Set 2

We have seen before.

We love this series, it's one of our favorites!

The Avengers series from this era features poor production quality: sometimes you can see the shadow of the cameraman, or someone off camera bumps into something and makes a noise. In Death a la Carte someone is thrown a key and he doesn’t catch it and you can see him smirk before the camera cuts away.

The series feature a snappy jazz soundtrack, lots of guys in cool sunglasses, Steed in 3 piece suits, Mrs. Gayle changing into leather ensembles when it comes time to kick butt. Unusual avant garde as well as lavish sets. Steed especially seems to be having a good time in the series.

& Seinfeld

February 27

The Avengers

February 28

The Avengers

February 29

Lagerfeld Confidential 2007 (Lulu)

It was interesting to learn that he does his own photography. The movie opens with Pure by The Lightning Seeds, one of my favorite songs. Karl Lagerfeld has multiple iPods, bowls full of rings, and a library with moving stacks!

& The Avengers

This post was originally published on March 28, 2012.