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Is Legit [Feb 2021] Get Reviews Here!

Is Legit [Feb 2021] Get Reviews Here! -> Here, we will talk about a speaker and woofer repair website. Read this to have more information!

We will go through a site to find out that whether Is Legit or not; we will go through various discussions about the specification and other pros and cons of the website.

As we can see that this website which deals with speakers in various countries like Kazakhstan and other nations too, by selling and repairing speakers of various brands. And the speakers which are not in a working condition, They make sure that those speakers or woofers which are re not working in conditions try and repair those speakers.

In this particular article, we will review the website and will research it thoroughly related to its specifications and other things.

Is Legit:

We did a lot of research about the website, everything about its legitimacy to pros and cons.

The website has an old domain age of 15 years and also the website seems pretty legit because it is an old website and other than that it has an valid SSL certificate and we have gone through the face book reviews of the website.

There are various happy customer reviews present in face book about this website not only that but the website also has a 4.6 rating on face book so the website seems to be a legit one.

However, there are some negative highlights about the website including hidden owner information, some negative customer reviews on Facebook and lack of reviews on websites like trustpilot.

What is

To check whether Is legit, firstly, we need to know what this website is all about. Basically, as stated online, it is one of the high-performance speaker builders and repair website. is an website which deals with the repair of speakers of various brands not only repair but they also sell various speakers on their own. Right now the website is not working in providing any kind of services to the customers.

They offer service by using one of the finest subwoofer parts. It is an old website which provides services to industry’s top manufacturers. The domain of the website was created on 2006-02-19. There are various reviews present on face book about which we will talk later. Let us first go through the specifications of the website.

Specification Of

  • Repairs any speakers and subwoofers
  • 15 year’s old domain website
  • It is an old website with SSL used on it
  • Provides products and services to the industry’s top manufacturers
  • they provide service to various numbers of woofers of different brands.
  • They charge 25$ for small repair services and 100$ for full recording services.
  • The website offers online payment options with a money-back guarantee
  • The trust score of the website is average on different sites.

Pros of The Website:

These are the pros of the website, which will help us to determine whether Is legit or not.

  • Officially the site has been set up several years back
  • It has a valid SSL certificate
  • The website has various online shopping features
  • The website offers payment options with a money-back guarantee

Cons of The Website:

  • The website’s owners identity is hidden on WHOIS
  • The traffic rank on the website is low
  • We found out that not many websites are linked to this site
  • Reviews are present only on facebook and the official site
  • The website is not optimized for any search engine.

These were the various pros and cons of the website, which we gathered from our research. reviews:

after going through various sites, we could gather some of the reviews about the website. This website has 4.6 ratings on its facebook page. It has mixed reviews about legitimacy.

The website seems to be a legit one because it has numerous amount of positive reviews present on facenook.There is not much information available about the website on sites other than facebook, which on the other hand gives mixed feelings about the legitimacy.

Other than that, it has other positive points like having a valid SSL certificate which adds a plus point about the website’s legitimacy. So the website seems legit according to the research we have done.


Is Legit, after doing all the research on the website and discussing its various specifications and pros and cons, we concluded that the website is an old 15-year-old website that deals with all kind of speakers available.

In the end, we can say that the site seems to be legit because it has good social media reviews present of its happy customers. So if you can want you can opt for their services but we will also like to inform you that you should have a little research on your own before you move forward.

What do you think about this website? Will you consider a website legit only based on its domain age? Do let us know your views!

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